6 Boba Connoisseur Accounts You Need to Follow


Instagram, oh Instagram. One of the best things about this platform is its platform to interact with cool people, share amazing images and tell a story. The Boba Social got a chance to connect with these boba connoisseurs. As you can see, their feed of boba tea, fun and lifestyle shows just how diverse the boba community is. 

Need inspiration on where to get your next boba tea? Well, check out these six tastemaker accounts (totaling 11 connoisseurs...) and give them a follow! We're shining a light on the brains behind it all, how they started their Instagram communities and yep, their favorite drinks! 


Introducing Audrey and Linh

Reppin' San Diego, CA

Started in 2016

Visited 100+ boba spots throughout Tokyo, Madrid, Bratislava, Oahu, New York and SoCal

"We originally started our Instagram to track all the boba we drank just as a joke! When we saw how many people were interested in what we do, we decided to take this more seriously, if you will. We started doing reviews on boba tea drinks. The constant changes and creativity of the boba scene keeps Bobabitchess going!"

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Introducing William, Ashley and Kathy

Reppin'  Elk Grove, CA

Started in September 2017

Visited approximately 30-40 spots

"We haven’t come across an Instagram page specifically for all types of drinks yet and thought it would be cool to start one, since most of the foodie pages out there focus solely on food as a whole. We love getting our share of fancy drinks, whether it’s boba, cocktails, sodas, whatever! And it encourages us to try new drinks and new places anywhere we go."

Follow @thethirstytrio


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Introducing Claire

Reppin' California by the way of Vancouver

Started in early 2017

Visited roughly 45 spots

"Boba is my go-to for dessert, going out with friends, and is a general favourite amongst Vancouverites. I also love the creativity that people put into their boba from the different flavours to the toppings. There’s something for all types of people whether you’re a classic tea person or someone with a real sweet tooth. With people around me who love boba just as much as I do, I found it the perfect opportunity to get an Instagram going."

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Introducing Eli

Reppin' Los Angeles and NYC

Started in 2012 (Estimated official start of boba consumption)

Visited over 50 boba places in and around the Los Angeles area and New York region combined. Every time I travel I also try and hit at least one boba spot there.

"I started Bobasquad because I thought it would be cool to showcase the different photos people would share about boba. This started with my friends (see us in the link in our bio), and has now branched now into a wider net of boba lovers. This page is a diverse expression of how boba is not just a drink, but a lifestyle. My favorite is green tea blended boba from Urth Caffe Melrose. However, for a more traditional favorite, it is the matcha latte from PaTea in NYC."

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Introducing Jessica

Reppin' San Francisco

Started ever since I was growing up in Singapore! 

Visited...can’t really count how many boba spots I’ve been to, but in terms of posting/sharing, I’m relatively new to the scene :)

"Growing up in Singapore and Taiwan. My favorite spot is actually in Taiwan (籠町茶番). I was basically raised on boba! Beyond being delicious, boba is such a cultural and social symbol, and watching it grow around the world makes me so happy. I’m honestly just trying to spread the boba love around!"

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Introducing Jordan, Cameron and Xavier

Reppin' Fremont, CA

Started going on what we first called “boba adventures” in 2016. But it wasn’t until mid-2017 that I (Jordan) decided to document this and ultimately create the Instagram page.

Visited 85-95 places. Many of the earlier adventures weren’t documented.

"This all began in 2016. As boba enthusiasts, we set out to find the best places within our own city; Fremont. After numerous adventures (some filled with pure joy while others met with plain disgust), I decided to document the places that we’ve been to. As time progressed, I figured I should make an Instagram to document and share with others the boba pictures that I’ve compiled. So that’s what I did. Now with an established bobagram, our goal is to continue the boba journey, capturing the beautiful moments of each one."

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