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Plen-tea of drinks, cafés and art that we'll curate and create.



A diverse community of boba aficionados and beyond.



Drinkin' our way, coast to coast, from our city to yours.


Inspired by the eccentric flavors of the tapioca-filled cups and diverse teas, The Boba Social was created as a tasteful community platform to curate and connect. Through fun content of sharing your photos, the boba culture, featured spotlights and more—we hope you feel inspired and ready to drink! 

After countlessly visiting one of our favorite boba tea cafés, we realized something: The struggle was so real when we couldn’t find other boba tea spots outside of area university campuses and even in our city, Washington, D.C., a bustling foodie scene, booming in international cuisine. We then made it a goal to fulfill our tastebud’s desires and follow pursuit. Combining our passions for adventure, food and cultureThe Boba Social was born. 

Since the 1980s, this Taiwanese tea-based drink has been taking bubbly to new heights all around the world and we're bringing it to you, right in the palm of your hands! Join us as we share our love for boba exploration and these experiences to you.